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Close this search box. Launches their Most Exclusive and Unique Education Network Under the Name of India Education Network “IEN”

Business Wire IndiaOn the auspicious day of the Saraswati Puja (Basant Panchami), a day that is devoted to the goddess of learning – Network, India’s largest online network of 480+ websites, has newly launched a network of 500 websites under the main site

The network consists of dedicated educational websites for all the states, union territories and all major cities of India under identical names like www.Delhi.Shiksha, www.Uttarpradesh.Shiksha, www.Kanpur.Shiksha and so on. The detailed list of the network sites can be seen at 

India Education Network (IEN’s) main agenda is to provide complete information about the entire gamut of education in India. This network will endeavour to bring maximum possible free information and resources for the students in an easily accessible way.

Besides the information about Career guidance, Career options, various streams of education and their related entrance exams, the sites will provide various other useful national and state level educational information and services to the society at large and all these will be quite useful for students nationally.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Raj Kumar Jalan, Founder, CEO & MD of Network said “India runs one of the world’s largest national school system. With more than 15,16,865 schools and more than 25,94,68,000 enrolment. So, by introducing the network of we will be providing all the students a single platform to search for all their queries and get solutions quite easily and in an effective way.”