Can We Expect A Legit Siri Port For The iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G?

Recently there has been lots of different people saying that they are working on a Siri port.  Others saying that they have a working Siri port.  And others that are creating scams to try make money from it.  All and all there has not been a public release of a Siri port that actually works.  Well the thing is that it is very hard to be able to port Siri to a device that is not supported for it.  I’m not saying that there is never going to be a Siri port I actually think that there will be sometime.  But what I know is that it is going to take some time.  So if you are one waiting for the Siri port like I am you better all have good patients because it could take a while to be able to make a working Siri port.


One of the things that we will also have to have before is a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.  This has still not been released yet and it is taking longer than usual.  So if we do happen to get a untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 there is a great chance that the Siri port will be shortly released after.

It is required already to have a iPhone 4s to even try to create a Siri port so that limits a big chunk of people.  People have only been able to put a GUI which basically is Siri will pop up but it does not connect to the Apple servers so you will not be able to get a response from it.  Our top priority right now would be to get a untethered jailbreak before we keep working on the Siri port as they are having trouble creating the untethered jailbreak.

All in all I am sure that there will be a Siri port for the iPhone 4 probably 3GS also and a iPod Touch 4G.  But I can not give you a specific date for when all of this will be released but just look for a untethered jailbreak and then you will know that a Siri port is near.  So patience is what it takes and stay tuned for a untethered jailbreak and a Siri port soon!



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