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Paint My Place iOS App Review: Realistic Color Painter and Editor For iPhone/iPad!

Are you tired of imagining, every time you decide to paint your home? Well, here is an app that gives you the exact idea of  how it is going to look. App is called as – Paint My Place!


Paint My Place iOS App Review

The name says everything about this app already, but there are some really good features that comes absolutely free with this app, you don’t want to miss. Paint My Place, helps you choose suitable colors for your home right on your iPhone or iPad, that comes wiht bunch of handy tools inside it.


Its simple to operate and understand from your device, and all you have to do is, take a picture of your home, select the colors with brands and types, and you can start painting by your fingers right away. You can be as detailed you want and select any of your home areas, so at the end you will get a perfect picture of your house with selected colors.

The suggested color screen helps you chose themes quickly, and you do not waste time in matching the whole thing when you start. You can fill the entire selected area with just one tap & bucket feature that we see in Photoshop is also available in Paint My Place.

The free version have limited access to set of tools, but most of its premium features have already been added to it in past few days (Which area available with in-app purchasing). Also, developers have removed the ads from the free version completely, so you get the freedom on your full screen without any obstacles.

The app has layering effect and finger painting guide inside, that will help you edit things in better way and make your coloring look fully professional. You can check out the following demo of how this house would look, after coloring differently suning Paint my Place.


Overall, the app is pretty great tool  started whenever you are planning to paint your place next time. Highly Recommended!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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