iPhone Apps For Photos: The Best Of Them!

While Apple has left no stone unturned to try and make sure that the Camera on the iPhone leaves no room for complaints, still people having the desire for that something extra are always on the lookout for apps that may enhance their overall photography experience. The camera on iPhone is decent but adding those extra effects and filters definitely give the captured snaps an extra edge. Feeling with the need of such iPhoneography enthusiasts, we have compiled our list of 6 iPhone Apps for Photos that will transform your snapshot into a masterpiece.

Iphone Camera AppsRead on for the complete list:


Instagram is probably the most hyped app amongst all and it rightly deserves the crown. It is still the best photo app out there in the store, comes free and has a vast number of users. The user interface is easy to use and the photo editing effects are diverse. You can have friends as well as followers keeping tab on what you share. It is quite easy to receive new followers on Instagram, as this app is photo-centric that helps you instantly connect with like-minded followers.


As the name suggests, the app is an add on to the stock camera in the phone. It is a typical iPhone classic app and works as a one stop shop for sharing and editing snaps. The app enables sharing on the various social networks like Facebook and Flickr. The app will set you back by a few bucks to use.


Photosynth lets you build panoramas out of your photos. The directions to use are easy and the user interface is friendly. You can upload and share the pics on Facebook and Twitter and using this app will cost you nothing. Who said good things do not come free.

Slow Shutter Cam

Ever wondered if you could have those DSLR kind of effects with your iPhone camera? Well, if you did then you should be glad that there is an app that tries to replicate those slowed down effects that are generally available only on pricey DSLRs. The photos indeed come out looking amazing. You can adjust the exposure, shutter speeds etc. The app, though, isn’t free and you will have to shell out almost a dollar to use it.

Adobe Photoshop Express

What else than our beloved and trusted Photoshop! Adobe Photoshop Express is an excellent photo editor. Do not expect the full desktop functionality with this version on your mobile, but the choices on offer are pretty overwhelming nonetheless. The app offers basic and paid tools. But we believe, the basic tools will suffice most of the users’ needs. As mentioned before, this app comes free.


There is no doubt that this app has a hefty pricing but the reward of spending those extra bucks is indeed worth it. It is a very extensive photo editor that makes photo editing simple and fun to do. It has features that let you selectively adjust portions of photos, crop, rotate, straighten, add effects and everything else. Moreover, we found the user interface neat and relatively easier to use.

So, there you go. You now have the tools to make your iphoneography look even better than before. Do let us know when you are showcasing your next photography exhibition in the town.

Image Credit – freshnessmag.com



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