iPad Mini vs. 4th Generation iPad : A Glance To See The Benchmark

Do you think that iPad Mini is faster than the 4th generation iPad or is the iPad Mini has got enough potential to compete the sales of its predecessor and elder siblings. Lets have a glance to see the benchmark and find out the real truth behind the screen.

Through the benchmarks are quite theoretical as compared to the real aspect, but they are important as they many times reveals out the potential which is under the silicon. This potential can be tested on the specific application such as apps, games or on any specific task which also make use of all the components and hardware embedded in device.

iPad Mini vs 4th Gen iPad
iPad Mini vs 4th Gen iPad
Features/Model iPad Mini 4th Generation iPad Difference
Design Anodised aluminium, 308g Anodised aluminium, 652g Huge Difference in weight and that too when 4th gen iPad is just 2 inches bigger than iPad Mini
Dimension 200mm x 134.7mm x 7mm 241mm x 186mm x 9mm
Display 7.85in, 1,024 x 768, IPS 9.7in, 2,048 x 1536 pixels, IPS
iOS iOS 6 iOS 6 Both are at same strand
Processor Dual-core A5 processor, RAM TBC Dual-core A5X processor, 1GB RAM Both are at same strand
Internal Memory 8/16/32/64GB 16/32/64GB Both are at same strand
Camera 5-MP “iSight” main camera, 1.2MP FaceTime camera 5-MP “iSight” main camera, VGA FaceTime camera iPad Mini is ahead of 4th generation iPad
Connectivity Lightning port, 4G version available 30-pin Apple connector, 3G version available


Well iPad Mini has no doubt steal the show and arena with its charisma and 4th gen iPad is going into the flavour of phase out. Whether you count the design, display, processing power, camera or the connectivity, iPad Mini rule and this younger cowboy is looking heavy and firing as compared to the old pistol.



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