Download the new iPad (And iPhone) Apple wallpapers coming in iOS 5.1

When I look at some of the new iPad wallpapers,  I’m thinking that it makes the iPad look better than it already is.  Now I don’t really pay attention to how good the iPad looks to much.  But I got to say now that Apple is adding 4 new wallpapers that will go up in iOS 5.1, for the iPad and iPhone.  The new wallpapers are water crashing onto a sand beach, grass blades, and two ocean wallpapers.  Here we are brining back some of the wallpapers from OS X Lion.  But added for the iPad screen.

photo2Apple really hasn’t yet shrunken down the images for the iPhone yet.  But lucky for you, in the download below we added some iPhone versions that will look pretty awesome.  I would suggest downloading them because they actually end up looking really nice on your iPhone.

Just to clear things up, now adding these wallpapers to your iPad will not make it a retina display.  Although again these wallpapers are very nice so download them here.

Downloads: iPad (1, 2, 3, 4), iPhone (1, 2, 3, 4)



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