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Create Your Own Walk-Through Plus iOS App Review

Evaluation is much needed process these days for schools, and no matter what tool you are using locally, this one can be customized according to your needs to document all the feedbacks with just few clicks. This app is called – Create Your Own Walk-Through Plus!

Create Your Own Walk-Through Plus iOS App Review

Customizable tools are becoming more and more need of today’s times, as factors tend to vary school by school or place by place, Understanding this developers have created this advanced tool that comes with quick to use and elegant to use interface. Not to mention  that this tool has been designed by educators for educators to evaluate the teaching staff and help them improvise by documenting the feedback.

create-your-own-walk-through-1More importantly tool has been developed for school principals, superintendents, supervisors, teacher leaders, and all of those who observe, evaluate and collaborate with classroom teachers. This app offers them ability to customize the entire walk-through from the ground up, including the ability to customize the checkbox labels.

create-your-own-walk-through-2Customization avails you the opportunity to create a evaluation copy exactly as you need it. Starting from custom check boxes and even domains can also be embedded in the evaluation wizard. Each check on comment will pop-up a box where you can post your comment. Whereas each submit button will allow you to send the survey to yourself & your teacher.

create-your-own-walk-through-3Evaluated reports can be prepared for further analysis, for any specific teacher, department, grade, or school for any requested period of time.

The design of this app is very clean and elegant to use by educational institution. The overall experience of creating walk through is very great thanks to simplicity and customization option.

create-your-own-walk-through-5The price might sound steep compared to any other iTunes apps, but considering the features and its usability to schools and institution, I personally think its well worth investing in!

Cost: $17.99

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