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Budget Envelopes iPhone/iPad App Review – Manage Your Finances Visually!

How many times do you run out of your budget? How much do you save each month and make an great investment?

Well, almost never right? I was going through same from a long time now and then I stumbled upon this really smart app for  my iPhone that can easily & visually manage my financial goals – Budget Envelopes.

Today, I am going to give in-depth review of budget envelope that will help you decide why you should budet envelope all your finances.

Budget Envelopes iPhone/iPad App Review 

As all of you are aware that, most popular method to save and manage money is envelop budgeting. We get the income, we store it in different envelopes for specific purposes and use it when needed.

This app is built upon the same concept where you can create virual envelopes and store the expected incomes from various sources. You can assign the envelopes for specific purposes like – groceries, entertainment, gas and so on.

Now when you make expenses, the envelops get empty accordingly and you can visually manage which money is going where! Its damn simple to view how much money fro envelop is spent and what is left very quickly and it encourages you to spend money according to needs. The progress bar shows you money left in Green & Money spent in Red and in similar way you can  have unlimited envelopes as you want.

Why this app is most helpful is because of its recurring monthly income and spending capabilities. Because most of the people have predictable income value and timings, you can set it once and forget about it.

Like you are getting $3000 monthly wages and $1000 for Rent, you just set it once and you don’t have to update it again and again. Similarly your predictable spending can also be set and edited within the app, so you do not have to worry about it.

Unexpected expenditures can be easily met using Budget Enevelope App, because you can collect all your financial details at single interface. You can additionally create reports and graphs to find out where you are saving money or where is that you are overspending.

Budget Envelopes iPhone App Settings

The export feature of the app is really strong and some of them are as follows –

  • 2D pie chart view of expense by envelope and income by category.
  • 2D bar chart view of expense vs income.
  • Bar chart view of income and expense for last six months.
  • Detailed 2D Pie chart view of income and expense reports for any day/week/month/year.
  • Print reports from the device directly with any Air print supported printer.
  • Export reports into PDF and email the PDF report.
Budget Envelopes iPhone App Graph Interface

Additional Features of the Budget Envelope App –

Despite of its mainstream finance management capabilities, The app also does have many promising features that you can use to store the data securely and sync it very easily with the other devices in your family.

The interface is simple, easy to understand and works very fluently on both Apple iPad & iPhone can be used with all iOS devices.

Settings Budget Envelopes iPhone App

Its strong capabilities of managing finances, syncing, exporting, printing & emailign PDF reports, Budget Envelope becomes a definite must-have app for those who are sincerely willing to manage money & plan a great monthly/yearly budget.

Cost: $0.99

Ratings – 4.5/5

Download Budget Envelopes App For iPhone/iPad