Best File Sharing Apps For The iOS Devices – iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

There are many file sharing apps which are available in the market for the iOS devices with which you can easily share all the applications just like the normal computer. So, let’s check out the apps which are available and can be used with the same. So, the buck stops here as we check out the top most and the best of the class file sharing apps for the ios devices which actually work as they are being operated from the computer itself.

Readdle Docs
With the help of Readdle docs you can easily experience the document reader which comes with a neat and simple interface which has the abilities like creating the text file or the folder which is being offered by the people. This app also acts as the network drive over Wi-Fi, supports two-way file sharing over 3G or EDGE, can connect to pretty much any major cloud storage service from Drop box to Mobile Me to Google Docs, has a phone-to-phone transfer feature and accepts any files sent to a unique Readdle Docs email address. This app is truly a revolutionary one and comes with a rate tag of just 5$ and can be used for iPhone, iPod Touch as well as for iPad1 and iPad2.

readdle docs

One of the most used and popular ones in terms of sharing is the drop box which is supported by the cloud storage service and also comes with an impressive feature sets which is apart from any other service as the files can be literally accessed from anywhere as be it on your iPhone or in the Apple, you can access from anywhere. The drop box application can be easily downloaded. You can easily download and install this on your iPhone.

dropbox ios
Want a simple, easily manageable sharing of files uploading service then it has to be the as it comes with an added edge of security with a neat and simple website with three exciting options with which you can sign up for the one which you want and also it has 3 different account types like personal, business and also enterprise. While for a personal user is given with a space of 5-50 GB of space with a limit of single file upload of up to 1GB , the business user is given with a 500 GB of web space and an individual file upload size limit of 2GB and this comes at a charge of 15$ per user /month. is one of the most safest and the trusted file sharing app which also comes with a very simple user interface.

box net ios

There are also other file sharing sites which are sugar sync which too offers quite a large space to store the files while the MobileMe iDisk too is a good app as this one uses the Apple’s very own cloud service which packs in the better user interface with the good set of features. Apart from this you can also make use of other apps like Good reader wherein you can easily make use of the document reader which will come with the sharing capabilities. Also another such app is the Good reader which comes with the good sharing capabilities and can also handle the files like PDFs, Word docs etc. Another such app for sharing the file is the air sharing pro app which comes at a much cheaper rate and offers many features along with the customization features with a neat and better overall user interface.

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