Apples Sales Up in Third Quarter : Cashing In Recession

In the middle of recession where many of the electronic giants are feeling the hit of reduction in their revenues, The Innovators of ‘Macbook’ & ‘iphone’ have increased their revenues up to 15 % in the third financial quarter. There was growth in buying the ‘Macbook Pro’ & ‘iphone 3 G S’, which increases their revenues significantly.

So what are the Strategies that made Apple Successful in The Middle of Recession ?

I surfed through the the statement of Chief Executive of Apple Steven P. Jobs. This was best non holiday quarter for Apple which increased their sales even when global PC shipment has been declined by 3-5 %, Interestingly sales of Macbooks have increased by about 18 %. Following strategies made apple to perform effectively.

1. Many of Macbook Models were too expensive to buy for a common man, But its was like every geeks fantasy to have Macbook Pro, SO Apple reduced the rates of Pro by 25 %. & its was like treat for all wanna be buyers of Macbook with reduction in rates as well as enhanced battery life.

2. Second sales driving factor was launch of the iphone 3 G S which gives the enhanced mobile features as well as OS 3 embedded in it.  Apple  sold 2 million phones in the quarter, compared to 3.79 million in the April quarter. It is something like revolution in the technology in smart phones & why a user would not buy it, if it’s from Apple.

3. Reducing prices of both i phones & Macbooks have accelerated the sales in last quarter for apple. As they are having the best platforms for web surfing & entertainment. So reduction in prices attracted such consumers.

So these were the factors that made apple cashing in recession. What I am most excited about is reach of the apple would suddenly increase by decline in its prices. So its time to think for companies like Samsung & Nokia to compete.


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