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Accent Pro iPhone App Review: Learn English Accent, The Right Way!

There is no better way to learn anything online than video coaching, interactive interface & quiz, and everything about English Accent, is now available at your fingertips. This English Accent learning app is called as –Accent Pro!

Accent Pro iPhone App Review

The app allows you the complete training for English accent, no matter if you are a totally new accent student or have done training before. The study includes 3 hours of video training available that you can use to get started with your training.


The training is not 100% free, but once you get a through look at the video coaching quality for first few chapters, you can make in-app purchases to access the complete training course. But the lecture previews even for paid videos are available inside the app, so you can browse for what you exactly need, and buy the video sets that you want.

Good news: The free app does not end with 3 hours of coaching – there are plenty of coaching tools available to test your skills, including an FAQ section to learn in an interactive way. Also games churn up your minds and inspirations keep you motivated.


Overall, this is a professional training program for those who want a complete coaching on any of your iOS devices. You get trained for English accent, pronunciation, acculturation and overall communication that is very helpful in real life.

Additional features like phrasing karaoke, mind bender, feedback pages & training quizzes make this worth the experience for any iOS user willing to get accent training. The intuitive user interface, high quality training videos and fluid app experience makes it a must have accent training app for everyone out there!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Amol,

    Thank you for such an excellent review of the app’s overall features, especially the video coaching program, which is the core.

    Let me know if you think there should be any more features / topics added.



    1. Thanks Camilla,

      I will have to go through the latest updates in this app, so I can get back to you with some suggestions.