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WLC Videos App Review: Religions App For iPhone & Android Devices!

I have not reviewed any of the religious app for iPhone yet, and that is why this one is about the same. This new app is available for Android devices, iPhone & iPad is called WLC Videos!

WLC Videos iOS App Review

World’s Last Chance is a religious app that provides important Bible information in video form that you can download and stream online.

WLC is community of more than 200,000 believers who communicated and discusses the religious views and avails them to users worldwide, to learn from heir experiences. They have already contributed many technology apps, and courses that are easy to use for young users, who mostly spend their time on smartphones or tablets.

wlc-ios-app-3This app WLC videos, is a nothing but a simple gateway to all the best video s from WLC community, that will lead you to right direction.

With this app user can quickly stream all the videos in various categories using the WiFi connection and in fact they can download it. The advantage with downloading these video is, they can watch all of them later everywhere they go with iPhone or Android smartphone.

wlc-ios-app-2With every new video app gets updated and so the users are always have available the latest content. The user interface of this app is quite usable but is very basic. It has been optimized well for the iPhone & Android Device’s display but I wish they have worked hard on the design part. Even if you are on an entry level Android smartphone, the experience of this app is seamless.

wlc-ios-app-1Overall its a good app you should try, as its full version is available for free, with loads of information.

Cost: Free

Download WLC Videos – iOS Version | Android Version