T-Mobile Sells Huawei Prism at $19.99 – Affordable Android Smart Phone

Huawei Prism which came as one of the budget friendly smart phone and was revealed out March this year is now available with T Mobile in US. As it has been sold by the telecom firm T mobiles, they have named it as the T-Mobile Prism and the signature of Huawei is only visible once you remove the battery. T-Mobile Prism is supposed to be one of the cheapest smart phones which is available via T-Mobiles.


If we talk about the specs of this affordable and cheap breed of smart phone then T-Mobile Prism is powered with 3.5 inches HVGA touch display which allows you the smooth accessibility to the web and also the access to your favourite apps which you can download from Google Play Stores. It runs on Android and hence you have the complete freedom to access thousands of free apps from Google Play.

Photo capturing is quite easy in T-Mobile Prism, as it is powered by 3.2 MP camera having digital zoom and video recording. Apart from this user can also synch their emails and mail exchange in the T-Mobile Prism. T-Mobile Prism also has 3G connectivity and it also has the integrated Google services, youtube, google browser, Google Talk, Maps, Google Navigation and other google services.

T-Mobile Prism is also available online on the online retailer stores like Walmart, T-Mobile and Best Buy. T-Mobile Prism is costing a fair deal of just USD 19.99 after USD 50 mail in rebate. Users can also purchase this new breed of smart phone at USD 149.99 with annual contract. The device has been listed at the price tag of YSD 219.99 on other retail outlets.


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