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Percentage Calculator Android App Review – Fastest Ever!

This have always been the most encountered mathematical problem in everyone’s life – calculating percentage! From calculating marks, taking financial decisions & almost everywhere, we need to resolve the percentages rapidly, And today I am going to review one amazing app in that category named –Percentage Calculator!

Percentage Calculator Android App Review

As the name itself describes clearly what this app does, let me tell you it calculated numerous percentage calculations in a blink of an eye. The greatest feature I can tell is, you do not even have to click any submit button to get results, it calculates in a real-time. Also, it lets you perform simple percentages, percentage increase/decrease, restaurant tip amount, discount rate, markup, profit margin & let convert fractions to percentages as well.

How this app works is, It asks you for how much percentage ‘X’, do you need of what value “Y’ and immediately displays the answer ‘Z”, without having to wait for even microsecond. And that is why I stamped it as a ‘fastest percentage calculator I have ever seen.’

From calculating marks to working out major financial decisions, taking percentage calculator comes in handy at lot of times. Though, most of the people try to calculate by themselves, I am very sure this app will improve their productivity significantly!

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The app is designed to work perfectly with all the Android devices like smartphones & tablets. The clean white design is simple and very adaptable for any new user. Being a free app, Percentage calculator is a must have for any one using Android powered devices & I will highly recommend it all to try at least once.

At the end, I would like to mention that it is adopted from its web-based platform, you can use and find it here, which makes it available on any computer as well!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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