Androids cell phones are most famous cell phones these days. They are wonderful and amazing. Android is not only a cell phone, but it is devise. These days, about 33% cell phones have android device. It is an amazing and incredible device. It has lots of apps. You can get its apps easily. You can download them from their official website, or purchases from the market. Its apps are best in the world. Android cell phones are very famous among people. Peoples like to purchase android cell phone. Android cell phone closes the world in a small devise. You can save lots of your valuable data in it such as video, audios, songs, messages, SMS and many other valuable data. It is amazing and marvelous. You can also run android apps in your computer. Different and amazing applications used for this purpose.

Android Apps on PC

QIK: An android application for videos.

You have different videos, footages and audios clips in your android cell phone. If you want to download them in your pc, then you should use QIK. It is an amazing app. Form this app, you can transfer your data form android cell phone to your pc. Now with this astonishing application, you can save your valuable data for many years. You can save memorable pictures, and videos. Furthermore, you can automatically save your videos in your pc. You do not need any wire for this purpose. It is an automatic process. Your file saves as archive. You can also download it directly in face book, you tube and other social website. This app will enhance your social network.

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Seek droid: a tiny nifty app.

It is another amazing android app. It is very useful. It works efficiently. It can locate your lost cell phone. If you cell phone lost or stolen, then you should install this app. This app is very useful and efficient. You can download this app in the computer. When you install this app, it will locate your call phone. It will also lock up your cell phone, so no one can use it. After that, it will clean all memory form your stolen or lost cell phone. It will save your valuable data. You can also check your recent call form this application. It has many outstanding functions.

Astrid: Android’s Simple Task Recording Dashboard

Astrid is a very useful application. It also called Android’s Simple Task Recording Dashboard. It is also very useful and efficient. Form this excellent application; you can manage your files. You can organize them from your computer. It will activate your to-do list and keep it active. It makes your life easy. It has also many other important features. You can list out your important task. You can do your work with the help of this application. You can also organize your task, manage them and arrange them according to your choice. It work is marvelous. It is very efficient. One of these excellent features is that, you can also set your alarm or reminder with this application.

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