LG Nexus 4 Goes For Pre Order In India

The most talked about and the much awaited Google flagship smart phone LG Nexus is now on the forthcoming list on most of the Indian online retailer sites. Saholic.com is among the 1st to put this in their portfolio.

As per the details on the website, it gonna take 4 to 5 business days for the delivery of Nexus 4 after it arrives to Indian Market. However nothing has been clear on the release date of Nexus 4 in India and the enigma is still behind the curtains. Websites like Saholic is giving an option ‘tell me when available’ button on the product portfolio which will notify the potential customers about the availability of the Nexus 4 via email.


Nexus 4 is also available on e-bay India and has been priced at Rs. 29,990 for 16 Gb variant and for 8 GB you would have to bear the price of Rs 25990. The price of e-bay India is seen to be slightly more as compared to the expected price and this could be due to the high demand of Nexus 4 in Indian smart phone market.

As per the estimation the price of Nexus 4 with 8 GB of memory would be around Rs 22000 to Rs 23000, and it may be Rs 27000 to Rs 28000 for 16 Gb model. However as compared to the price of Nexus 4 in US, this price is also quite more. In US Nexus 4, 8GB has been priced at USD 299 which is like Rs. 16500 to Rs. 17000 and the price of 16 GB variant is USD 349 which is like Rs. 19000.

Well price of product in India and US definitely varies but this time in the case of Nexus 4, it looks like the difference is expected to be more.



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