King Fighter III Android Game Review : Arcade Fighting At Its Best!

Do the arcade fighting games like Tekken and King of Fighters occupy the whole of your childhood memory? If you are crazy about these kinds, you must have a try on King Fighter III, which is a classic side-scrolling adventure game with simple sensitive D-pad controls and cool graphics?

King Fighter III Android Game Review

The story line is simple, A Long is on holiday, but he gets a phone call and has to embark an important mission to destroy some drugs criminals, of course, his holiday is over and the adventure begins.

As simple as the game plot, the control of King Fighter III is very easy, classic D-pad on the left side, moving your character, the hit button on the right side, releasing your skills to beat down the bad guys, and in the middle, you can unleash powerful skills with 6 small buttons.

The control is sensitive, so you will find it’s smooth to slash skill and kill villains on the way to complete missions. The disadvantage is that there is little space between the control buttons, therefore, if you smart phone screen is not so big, it will be a little inconvenient in this game, especially when you want to collect items that fall down from the dead bad guys.

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Multiple super skills and fighting strategies are absolutely necessary in classic arcade street fighting games, smooth kicks and punches must be available, and super skills help you to break through the enemy crowds or release combos.

There are 10 levels with 2 challenge levels, Timed and Endless, you can also enjoy all the fighting effects with various magic items, as well as the super final Bosses. When you pass each level, you can have an overall statistics on your time and grade, and sometime it challenges you to pursue new records by playing again and again.

King Fighter III is a great game, with old school and nostalgic graphics, easily bringing us back to the FC era when we were at home playing with our friends and companions all day long. I also have to admit, if you are looking for HD game graphics, it may a little disappoint you.

The game is highly addictive with active game pace and actions especially you are crazy about old school arcade street fighting game, but it’s a little annoying because it’s inconvenient to achieve free gems, which you need to unlock certain stages or characters. Anyway, it still keeps you sticking on playing it until you pass all the levels rather than fall behind other players. To sum up this review in one sentence The King Fighter III is totally worth of playing  for any Android users & totally addictive for Arcade fighting game fans!

Cost: Free

Rating : 4/5

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