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First Grade Math Free Android App Review: Learn & Evaluate Math Skills!

If you are looking for an app that teaches all the basic maths skills and evaluate the student using comprehensive tools and tests, then look no further than this great Android app called – First Grade Math Free!

First Grade Math Free Android App Review

As I have said already, this app presents great information to learn Maths using 11 chapters covering over 120 math skills and more than 1000 problems.

When kids are learning the maths, its essential to cover each and every basic skill, and for this, First Grade Math Free app covers all the major topics like – Counting, Addition, Subtraction,  Comparing numbers, Write sign (addition and subtraction), Date & Time (calendar, digital and analog clock), Pre-Algebra (problems with “X”), Roman numerals, Mixed operations, Word problems & Money.

First-Grade-Math-1This app brings some of the most advanced tools like customizable quiz and exam that you can prepare and take, solely using this app. It does not need any data or Wi Fi connection to work, which is a great thing if you do not have internet available all the time.  

First-Grade-Math-4During all the exams your scoreboard carries over on the top and you can swipe through the questions as you move ahead. Revisiting the question again, is a feature children can use to attempt the solution once again, if they did it wrong for the first time.

First-Grade-Math-3This app can be used by teachers in schools, parents to cover their children’s home work or comparing it with previous results & by the homeschoolers as well. It avails you an option to study any of the mathematic skills in your own time frame and take as much time as you want, until you perfect it. There are at least 20 other features that will help you make the math learning journey of your kids a piece of cake.

First-Grade-Math-2The user interface is very simple to understand, but I wish it had little more good-looking interface to make it even appealing to young kids. Overall, I will highly recommend this free app to all Android device users thanks to its in-depth study material, exams & evaluation tools!

Cost: Free

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