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Deadly Robots Android Game Review

Out of any action games I play on smart device, Sci-Fi is the most favorite genre I am looking forward to. And what other game could be better than the rebelling robots? Today, I am going to review a great robot destroying Android game called –Deadly Robots!

Deadly Robots Android Game Review

The army have robots have rebelled against their creators and took control of the space station. And player is supposed to destroy these deadly robots at any cost.  A laser based defense system is in place, that can be used against the robots to stop them moving ahead towards earth, and save humanity from their destruction.

deadly-robots-1The game teaches you whatever skills you needed in first 4 levels, and keep increasing the difficulty as you move ahead in the game. At first you have to manage with limited laser shots, but you get newer and interesting kind of equipment to destroy the robots like – laser bursts, boxes, anti-gravity, metal balls, teleporters, asteroids and comets!

There is also an ultra-secret dark matter laser to overcome the most difficult levels, but you have to use it wisely as it only gets recharged in 24 hours.

deadly-robots-2The enemy AI is well classified when it comes to skills, and user might have to spend some extra laser shots to destroy the new-age robots compared to the old ones. The realistic physics effects looks very appealing and in almost 30 levels we played of this game, the gameplay is fluid and fun!

deadly-robots-3There are about 100 levels you can enjoy this game on, but the straightforward approach of it makes it a great casual title, you can enjoy in small time. The game is suitable for all age groups, and quite simple to understand as well. ‘Deadly Robots’ is equally optimized for both smartphones and tablets, so you can play it on every modern Android device of your choice.

deadly-robots-4Developer has worked on these amazing 3D graphics, that makes this space station based game look very realistic. As the robots are consistently flying around the complex space station levels, it becomes really challenging, making the overall experience very enjoyable. 

Cost: $0.99

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