Are Android Tablets Edging Out the iPad?

When it comes to smartphones, the Android operating system has dominated the US market over the years, with the Apple’s iOS coming in as a close second. While many prefer the open and customizable environment of the Android ecosystem over the closed iOS to service as the platform in which they can launch the features offered by RingCentral VoIP provider or any other service providers and perform business-communication tasks. Still, since there are many smartphone brands that are run using the Android operating system, the Apple iOS still remains on the top in terms of market share and vs apple

The same is true when we talk about the tablet industry, where the competition gets tougher and tougher by the day. There Apple’s iPad remains to be the king of tablets, but this may change in the near future as new statistics point out to a new trend that may put Apple’s supremacy in danger.

According to a study made by the IDG Connect, which is part of the IDG which owns the tech website, about 44 percent of consumers (especially those who avail business and IT plans) will buy a tablet for the first time purchase an Android tablet in the upcoming full year. Only 27 percent plans to continue purchasing an iPad.

This trend is particularly of interest for Apple, since most tech experts have foreseen a steady spike in tablet usage as part of the “Bring Your Own Device” policy of companies. This has considerable impact on the IT and business sector, which is increasingly dependent on tablets to perform certain aspects of business operations. While the smartphone remains to be the proper choice when it comes to telephony functionalities, experts have pointed out the increasing use of this device in non-communication aspects. This means that people are using their smartphones more for entertainment and apps utilization than for basic call and text functions.

Meanwhile other operating systems are experiencing a big dip in popularity and market shares as they are being eclipsed by the Android operating system. In the same research conducted by the IDG connect which is participated in by a total of 3124 IT and business professional worldwide, only three percent opted for the Windows 8.

In the same survey, it was also found out that 71 percent of the respondents already own a tablet, while 51 percent said they own an iPad. While this is the case, still 44 percent of the respondents claim that they would choose a device that uses a Linux-based operating system. Twenty-one percent of respondents claimed that they are still not sure which tablet brand to by.

When this statistics is broken down geographically, it can be noticed that the first option is for an Android-run tablet rather than the iPad. For example, in Africa, 44 percent expressed their preference of an Android tablet over any other devices, with only 21 percent saying they plan to buy an iPad. Also, in Europe the same trend can be noticed. There, only 23 percent would rather buy an iPad, while 49 percent have set an Android tablet as their choice of device. Areas that have higher preference for the iPad include North America and Australia/New Zealand, where only 30 percent of buyers from the North American and 35 percent from the Australia and New Zealand regions preferring Android tablets over the iPad.



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