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Android VS iOS: The Never Ending War

The android is an operating system. This operating system is developed by the Google. It is generally used for the mobiles, tablets or Smartphone. Like any other operating system it also provides the interface between the hardware and the users. Nowadays it is most popular in the market.

We can say that this is the trend of the android. On the other hand iOS is also an operating system made for the iPhones (Touch phones) and all. It was developed by the Apple Inc. Basically it is used for an apple phones. It was certified by the Cisco Systems. There are many versions of both the operating system in the market, people may prefer as per the need.

Android VS iOS: The Never Ending War

If we see the preferences of the customers then both stands on the same place. Instead of that the topic Android VS iOS: The Never Ending War always in the talk. Let see the features of both the operating system and observe the differences and similarities. When we talk about any operating system then a basic thing arise on the mind that how it is secure. In android and iOS we can see that if the phone is idle then automatically the screen gets locked after some duration. The duration can be defined by the users. For open a lock it we have to slide a lock left to right. This gives attractiveness to the users.

The application that are run in the phones or tablets, need some authority or access control. So the user can also define the boundary to each application. Android came after the iOS so obviously it have more ability as compare to iOS. Many applications are supported by Android but not by the iOS.

Here we are talking about Android VS iOS: The Never Ending War but both the operating systems are easy to operate and having the facility of internet browsing with the help of the browsers. That means it is easy to run internet on phone with the help of these operating system. Both are having the ability to resist from unwanted files from web.

The topic Android VS iOS: The Never Ending War gives the view that the competition between both the operating system. So these features gives the differences, in Android phone if we want to install some application then Google has provides us a market names Android market, whereas no such market is provided by the Apple. If we are using an Apple phone and it was lost then it will be traceable and easy to find the phone with the help of the Geolocation feature of the iOS. We can erase the data of the phone in case of stolen or lost with the help of Auto Erase feature of the iOS. Both the operating systems are good in their places. Each having their identity in the market due to which the people or the users uses it.

Author Bio – Nand Kishore Bhatt is a blogger who blogs on several technology websites. He also writes about topics like Microsoft office 2010 and  Windows 8 updates.