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Monster Party App Review: Ultimate Game Collection For Children on All Platforms!

I have seen lot of crazy monster games on various platforms before, but none of them were as cute as this one. Today, I am going to review one brilliant collection of games for your children that features such cute monsters – Monster Party!

Monster Party App Review

This game is designed from young children, not just to enjoy and have fun but learn things along the way. As I mentioned before, Monster Party is a collection of 6 interesting games and available on all major smartphone platforms like – Android, Windows Phone 8 & iOS!

moster-party-2Some of the games like JigSaw Puzzle & Memory Games are designed to engage your kids in activities that will train their brains. Where as sliding puzzles , spot the difference and matching games are traditional games that will help them enjoy the most.

Each of the category have sub games or puzzles to multiply the levels of fun. And very attractive visual design makes it an overall fun experience. The characters and the sounds are funny enough to make your kids laugh as they play along.

moster-party-3The game is based on a touch based controls and very easy to learn even for very young children, and safe to play as well.

Overall, this is a must have free game for all smartphone device owners, as this game is totally ad-free & without any extra-purchases required in future. So for its price of $0.99, its a total worth experience.

Cost: $0.99

Download Monster Party – Android | iOS | Windows Phone 8


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