Reliance Failed To Keep Its Free GPRS Promises With New GSM

It was like a dream come true for some of telecom consumers that CDMA giants TATA and Reliance started offering there SIM Cards in GSM format. Like now the service providers can also be accessed through your favorite handsets and so these SIM’s are in very huge demand.

There introductory offers were to catchy that they are offering cards for as low as Rs. 25 with 1200 talk time over period of six months. With which the consumers are largely attracted to the services. But not all the promises are going right according to our survey.


Some consumers told us that at the time of buying GSM their retailer told that GPRS is free for at least one or at max three months on Reliance GSM SIM Card.

The GPRS service was going cool for 8-10 days, but from last few days there GPRS is gone off and they are offering various plans to activate the GPRS.

This is not only one example we have found many such consumers from Nashik City, No matter the fault is of retailer  or the service provider, eventually the promise is not kept by Reliance.

They have to look for such issues, and if this problem is from retailer then they must take some care while training or choosing the retailers.

They are now offering Rs. 10/day GPRS subscription for 10 MB download limit. So users, Be aware, and if you are getting such fake promises, tell us so we can publish in public and diagnose it with service providers.

(Mail us at if you have similar problems)

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