Sony Enlivens Its Audio Line-up With EXTRABASS Headphones And Wireless Speaker Series

17 April 2017 – Ramping up its presence in the audio line-up, Sony India has strengthened the EXTRABASS headphones series and EXTRABASS wireless speaker series for 2017. Considering the market is favorable and audio industry has witnessed phenomenal growth, Sony India has powerful addition to its EXTRABASS series for all the music enthusiasts that will complement their musical style quotient.

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Sony India today further expanded its EXTRA BASS™ headphones series. The elevated line-up fits in perfectly with today’s choice of popular music genres. The extended constituents of the EXTRA BASS™ family are the wireless MDR-XB950B1, the vibrant and stylish MDR-XB550AP and MDR-XB510ASa splash proof, in-ear sports headphones. This improved and ramped up line-up enables users to savor the deep bass intensity in varied locations and scenarios. The bass booster in the headphones presents a comfortable yet premium sound quality experience.


Sony India has further expanded its EXTRA BASS™ series with the inclusion of four new portable wireless speakers – SRS-XB40, SRS-XB30, SRS-XB20 and the SRS-XB10. The line-up has been expanded keeping in mind Sony’s EXTRA BASS™ speaker growth. FY16 saw a growth of 52% and we can expect the market to further grow by 56% in FY17. Whether one is listening to tunes indoors or outdoors, consumers can relax knowing the wireless speaker is IPX5 splash proof and is protected against splashes. Sony India has launched following products under its EXTRABASS series –

Model Best Buy Availability Colours
MDR-XB950B1 Rs.12,990 20th April, 2017 Black, Blue
MDR-XB550AP Rs.3,290 20th April, 2017 Black, Red, Blue, Green, White
MDR-XB510AS Rs.2,790 20th April, 2017 Black, Red, Blue, Green


Model Best Buy Availability Colours
SRS-XB40 Rs 13,990 25th April, 2017 Black
SRS-XB30 Rs 9,990 25th April, 2017 Black, Red, Blue
SRS-XB20 Rs 6,990 25th April, 2017 Black, Red, Blue, Green
SRS-XB10 Rs 3,590 25th April, 2017 Black, Red, Blue, Green

The products will be available in all Sony Centres and major electronic stores across the country.

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