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6 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Broadband!

While most of the companies are interested in luring the customers with their FUP masked unlimited plans, customer should consider few things before buying the internet broadband provider for the very first time. Especially in country like India, where broadband network is still very limited to urban areas, providers like BSNL & Airtel are spreading rapidly all over the country. But what they are failing at is providing high speed broadband plans like sky broadband packages, which are offered in UK with true unlimited plans and speeds more than 14 MBPS!

Lets go through the important considerations while selecting broadband internet for home or office use.


1. Know Your Usage First

Understand how you are going to use your internet, calculate a rough figure in GBs, So you can select your plan wisely. All day surfing wont burn your data limit, compared to just 1 hour of video streaming or downloading will consume it the most.

So if you are planning broadband for full time surfing with less video or downloads, go for limited plans that comes most cheap. And if you love to download stuff, go for true unlimited plans.

2. Limited User? Go for speed!

If you arr going for limited usage plans, try to get as much speed as possible anything more than 512 KBPS is a delight to use for both  office as well as home usage.

3.  Are you a gamer?

If you are an Xbox, PC or PS3 gamer, I bet you want to enjoy uninterrupted online multiplayer games on your devices all day long. But unlimited use does not require high-speed all the time. Most of the consoles or PCs consumers less than 100 KBPS when you are playing online multiplayer games. So make sure you have unlimited plan, with speeds of 256 KBPS at least!

4. Love watching online TV/Streaming?

If you are a geek like me, and to watch your favorite shows on your big screen TV streamed in HD, you should make sure you have at least 2MBPS+ connection and most probably unlimited one. Sadly, very few providers offer such capacity without any Fix user policy in India, but little research can get you the deal you want!

5. Thinking of Wireless Broadband?

Wireless Broadband have only one advantage – portability, and it should be used by only those who are bound to use portable broadband. But it have connectivity issues, no constant speeds, expensive plans, and no true unlimited usage plans as well.

So for regular usage go for wire-line broadband, its 200% cheaper, and most importantly consistent!

6. What is lease line? Should I get it?

In simple words, the lease lines are exclusive fiber optic cable to your home/office that does not share data with other users and makes sure you get highest possible data speed. Mostly these lines are preferred by businesses, as they are extremely expensive to setup and usage.

For home user, it will be hypothetically deliver amazing speeds, but you should not prefer buying it considering the 10 times higher costs.

I hope all these factors will help you chose better broadband connection for your home or business usage. Do let us know if you have any more questions in comments section below.


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