5 Ways to Make Children Feel Special on Their Birthday

There are plenty of everyday opportunities for trauma and tears as children grow. It’s perfectly natural for minor injuries and indignities to cast a temporary cloud over even the sunniest child’s day–at school, in the playground, in the cafeteria–they won’t always be revered as the precious angels they’re believed to be at home. Luckily, it’s easy to make any child know their loved and special, and having that security will make even their rough days a little bit easier. So, on their birthday–the most important day of all–here’s a few simple tricks that go beyond extravagant presents or cliched parties, and will make them feel like a star.

  • Start with a theme

Any savvy party host will tell you that every party needs a theme. Themes are important because they guide guests who aren’t certain what will be appropriate to wear or bring as a gift, and they’re great for busy hosts who need to make decisions about food, invitations, and decorations.
The trick to picking the right theme–a theme that they’ll remember forever–is to avoid the obvious or commonly used party themes. Don’t go for Tropical Vacation, Superheroes, or Zoo Animals unless one of those is truly a passion for the guest of honor. The odds are, they’re interests are more nuanced and selective, and the best way to show them how special their unique qualities are, is to throw a party themed in their honor. For a bookworm, maybe plan a party themed after their favorite book. Because they’re likely to love more than one thing, and because they’re passions will change over time applying this principal to parties is possible at any age or stage in a child’s life.

  • Personalized goodie bags

There’s no better way to make children feel unique and special than to design personalized goodie bags filled with party favors that they’ll love. No more tossing out all that unwanted candy, or quickly becoming bored with trinkets and cheap plastic toys. For kids, one item they really love is worth more than ten that are dull, boring, or generic.
So start with a paper bag, cloth sack, or any type of baggie. Design a unique name tag so each child knows a bag has been designated just for them, and then make sure the contents of each bag include at least one or two quality items the child will love.

  • Special Snacks

Let the guest of honor choose the food that the children at the party will eat. Remember, it’s a party! Nutritious is good, but a fun treat is better. Keep in mind that a balance of salty and sweet is always best, and that other parents will be eternally grateful if the party doesn’t end with cake and ice cream.
To ensure the snacks are super special, try letting each guests favorite food find its way onto their plate. An easy to assemble meal like hot dogs or burritos, allows guests to choose their toppings, and finding out in advance what their favorite thing is, means that everyone will feel special.

  • The Birthday song

The birthday song was always designed to allow the guest of honor to feel special by allowing the singers to insert his/her name. How about taking a child’s favorite tune, and singing happy birthday to that song’s beat? Lots of songs are available for download or to stream online, with or without the lyrics.

  • Give a great gift

Children usually have an underdeveloped charity bone. They can be giving and generous, but when it comes to their birthday they want a gift, not a certificate stating that the Make-A-Wish Foundation has received a donation in their honor.
If you’re hesitant to give a gift because you’re worried it might be forgotten in a year, or will only be used once or twice, then don’t just buy them a gift, make them one. Keeping in mind the child’s unique interests and passions, make them something wonderful they’re sure to use.