What Security Issues Should Concern The Modern Gamer?

The digital age has brought new levels of accessibility and a wealth of new games to play. It has also, unfortunately, created new ways that our security can be at risk. A constant internet connection can be a boon and a threat, so here at some of the security issues, modern gamers should be aware of.

Data Security

As gamers, we give our information out to companies all the time when creating an account with them. We also need to create a password and username in order access a lot of these games, too. The threat here comes from the potential of having passwords and other data stolen from the company we entrusted it to. Nobody expected Sony to get hacked and for all that data to be taken, but it was. This is made worse if you use the same password and username on multiple accounts as once somebody knows one or the other then they have a greater chance of hacking into other areas of your online presence, not just gaming but emails and bank accounts as well. You should never repeat a password for that very reason. Fortunately, since then companies have cracked down and we’ve not had any major attacks since then. It can ruin a company’s reputation of it loses its users data. Lucky Nugget Casino have written an article on why playing with them is safe and it is reassuring the steps places are taking to ensure the security of our data.


Malware infects a device and is used to steal information from the person in question. The way it gets onto a device though can be in a number of ways. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of ‘fake’ updates and game utilities that are meant to help players more easily progress through a game or otherwise customise it. These can be a way to install Malware on a device. It’s not just PCs that are at risk of this, smartphones and tablets are equally susceptible. Often this Malware is designed to only affect your gaming account such as stealing the account or resources from you, but it can also be a lot more dangerous as it can steal bank details, passwords to other accounts or make the PC or smartphone part of a botnet. Gamers can help to stop this by happening through having an up to date virus protections software, only downloading official updates and game utilities and running regular scans on their computer.

Amol Wagh

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