Minis iOS Game Review: Creative Approach to Social Gaming!

Social is no more just a communication medium with old friends, but its a great way of sharing games as well. We have seen several apps and game taking advantage of such games, and this time we are going to review this game called Minis.

Minis iOS Game Review

As the developer claims it, and I agree with the fact that Minis is a social game like no other. You can develop your own Minis (creative characters from this game), breed your own family and and become the most powerful tribe in their world.

You can customize Minis with Specialized Weapons, Armour and Fighting skills, which you can eventually use to fight and control the monsters roaming around your tribe. To achieve these extras, you have to guide your tribe to explore the maps and dungeons and fight the rarest monsters living their.

minis-game-ios-1Also, you can gather enough resources to design your own clothing and weapons to customize your Minis, so if you are creative enough, your Minis will become more and more unique as you move ahead in this game.

Player basically battle against monsters & fight them to keep your tribe safe as a default gameplay, but you can even challenge other tribes, that are created by other real players, and they have to maintain their status as well. So basically, its like Spartacus Legends on Xbox at its core, you fight for glory and respect and be the powerful tribe along the way.

minis-game-ios-4I agreed this game is real social experience, and a creative one. Reason being its true social nature and capabilities it gives you in its gameplay. To metion few of its numerous social features – owning a pet to protect the tribe resources, helping poor tribes, making friends with other tribes and fight for your allies. You can find this social element all over this game, in fact more than I can explain in this game.

minis-game-ios-5The game looks absolute best on iPhone 5, but you can also play it on any iOS device you own, provided it has updates iOS. The overall user experience is very intuitive, and you will get used to with its overall experience very quickly.

Cost: Free

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