Word Tap iPhone Game Review – Test Your Vocab!

No matter you are using iPhone or iPad, kids these days tend to spend more time while gaming on your devices. Most of them are just fun based, but some are both fun and educational. Going to review one such app today called named – Word Tap!

Word Tap iOS App Review

Word Tap is based on a very simple but innovative concept that tests your vocabulary, spelling skills & helps you learn new words. You see falling letters on your screen in single color, and you have to tap and select some of them to make a word. If you are making a right choice for letters, they will change its color, confirming your word is right.wordtap-word-game-ios-1

If you get stuck on some word, a hint icon will help you, this way user can learn a new word along with its meaning. This app is connected to dictionaries making available 30,000 words that you can learn about using this app.

The app has a very intuitive and responsive user interface that will help you engage in it very quickly. The big number of words are stored, making sure game will carry on even if kids are playing for hours.


This iOS game works on all devices like iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, and is very well optimized for all screen sizes.


Overall, Word Tap is an unique game if you want to learn new words or play with words, but has is an extremely fun game that you don’t want to miss. For $0.99 it is worth owning this game for kids as well as adults!

You can know more about this game on its official site here.

Cost: $0.99

Ratings: 4.5/5

Download Word Tap Here


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