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Weight Loss Mindset iOS Health App Review

No matter what part of the world you live it, all the people willing to lose weight always lacks in one common thing – Motivation. That’s why today we have selected one amazing health app for review that can motivate you regularly for losing weight – Weight Loss Mindset.

Weight Loss Mindset iOS Health App Review

This app basically contains numerous audio sessions by world renown psychologist Dr. Randy Gilchrist, which you can listen over and over again or every morning to remind your weight loss goals.

All the audio are in soothing voice which help builds effective hypnosis for controlling/maintaining your diet, exercising and everything you need for weight loss. Regular sessions can improve your focus and commitment towards your weight control goal.

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As we mostly carry iPhone or iPad with us all around day, it can really be your all time guide for constant motivation. The sessions are impressively designed to understood and implemented by even a first time user to get a good beginning. You can take your photos as the start and then compare it later on when you lose some pounds, and it can really be a good inspiration for yourself.

With this app you get a 1 Free session that you can try out and find if it will be helpful or not and then you can get next additional 8 hypnosis sessions as you move on with your weight loss training. All the later sessions will cost you $2.99 each but you should purchase it only if you find it helpful. The UI is simple, colorful and easy to use, which is most essential for any app, and Weight Loss Mindset is really good at it.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 4/5

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