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Spiffy iOS App Review: A Feature Rich Photo Editor For iPhone!

If you are tired of trying several photo editing apps for different features, then this one will quench your thirst for desktop equivalent tool for image editing. This app is called – Spiffy!

spiffy-ios-photo-editing-app-1Spiffy iOS App Review

This app will totally free you from fixed template based apps that are flooding the iTunes stores recently. It gives you extra ordinary control over your iPhone snaps and let you edit them exactly as you want them to be!


Spiffy is a set of tools that will allow you to add frames, borders, large bold texts and special effects to enrich your photos, The final pic can be shared on popular social sites like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook with just a single tap.

spiffy-ios-photo-editing-app-3You can additionally insert numerous attractive shapes, effects, patterns and attractive background colors to your photos very swiftly. The app works flawlessly on both iPhone & iPad, and definitely the most lightweight version of everything I have tested before, and its very important thing to consider when you select a photo editing app.

spiffy-ios-photo-editing-app-5Being a paid app, this app might disappoint many young photo enthusiasts but, for its price it is definitely a worth buy.

This app does nothing crazy, but a lightweight tool that includes feature rich tools and you won’t need anything else for image editing, once you get this app. The app is right now available of 50% OFF on its original price, so download it as fast as you can.

Cost: $0.99

Ratings: 4/5

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