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MYMUSIC iOS App Review: Create & Share Personalized Content!

When most of the apps are already providing content creation on iPhone or iPad, none of them impressed me because of the privacy issues. And if you are looking for something better for your own private social group, This iOS app will be the perfect one to get started with –MYMUSIC!mymusic-app-review

MYMUSIC iOS App Review

The app itself is great collection of tools, you can use to create videos using your personal pictures. You can select photos from your device, or even chose photos from instagram or Facebook albums, which is a pretty useful feature to create videos.

You can add music to the video and manage them perfectly to sync with your music using the tools available. So as far as video editing capabilities are concerned, you can consider it as good as or somewhat better version of Windows Movie Maker you see in PC.


Apart from its mainstream tasks, it also let you create a private network, invite people to see your content, or to upload photos to any of the event. So, your videos remain updated with all of the best photos which you want to save as good memory of your life.

The private invitation or sharing is done via text, to ensure your videos remain visible only to specific friends. The social feature is pretty great, as your friends and family can like or comment on the videos to make the overall experience very rich!

The navigation of the app is simple to understand, and app works flawlessly on the iPhone and iPad. There was no lag or whatsoever noticed while creating the videos, as most of these tasks are considered as resource intensive.Also, there is no issue of privacy, as you can control it the way you want.


Overall, the app is a must have tool for those, who love to create great videos from the photos of your family and friends. And I will highly recommend this app to all iOS users, as it comes as a 100% free tool.

Cost: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

Download MYMUSIC Here


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