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iTrace – My Device iPhone App Review : Find Your iPhone Instantly!

Though mobile technology brings us ton of advantages of portability, sometimes they mess with us really bad. How many times do we face this issue -‘You are rushing somewhere and you can’t find your iPhone’! Today, I am going to review one great app that responds to your voice & help you find it quickly named iTrace – My Device!

iTrace – My Device iPhone Review

The app performs perfectly well no matter how deep it is hidden, may be within our stack of clothes or other gadgets. All you have to do is shout – “iPhone!”, And it will start ringing loudly with pre-defined ringtones we have already set.

This iOS app works across all of the iOS devices, so you can easily install and use it from Apple iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad as well.  iTrace is using advanced in-built voice detection system, that quickly detect your voice and activate ringtones, so next time when you are in hurry – you’ll find your device superquick!

Just in case if you and your iPhone is at significant distance, there is an alternative arrangement where you can send a text to your iPhone from some other device with this word – ‘itrace’, and the app will reply back with last location of the device. By default the app stores last 10 locations of your device and you can login to online interface with free user accounts to view all of the logs.

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You might consider this equivalent to Windows Phone 7’s ‘Find my Phone Feature’ that let you remotely give a ring to your phone or Wipe your data, But iTrace is better version of it without the remote wiping feature. And shouting to find is something more fascinating and productive way of finding anything, that can only be accomplished with iTrace – My Device.

Additionally this app lets you download and change the ringtones, trace the phone with Map feature (works more precisely with online interface.), create custom setting for tracking, sound & GPS as well. The developer claimed no extra batter consumption for using iTrace. So, I tested it for last 4 days and it works just fine without any sacrificing any extra batter life.

Though certain features of this app needs interaction with online interface, it is only to serve you better tracking of your iPhone, though it is not recommended to use this as an anti-theft app but simply to find your device. Overall, The UI is simple to use for even a new user and works equally good on all three apple devices fluidly – iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.

This app is totally free & really must have in your collection, if you frequently lose your device at your place!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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