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Chart Calendar iOS App Review – Smarter Way To Take Notes & Research!

The productivity app segment on Apple iTunes store is getting hotter day by day, and here I am with all new calendar app that I personally find more productive than any other out there –  Chart Calendar!

Chart Calendar iOS App Review

From planning to shop for groceries to pick up your kids from school, a productive day starts with calendar planning. But chart calendar is not the app that restricts you to only adding small tasks with no practical tracking or information to it.

This app allows you to take notes, numbers and add them on calendar dates, more than that you can simply take a picture and add it to your calendar as well. This is totally great and feature that people are always wishing for.

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So Chart Calendar becomes and high end note taking app that can add time restrictions using calendar or very useful app that can store important dates things with the help of pictures.

The uses of this cool mixed up app are unlimited and developers has brainstormed and listed few interesting way of using this app as like – ‘Recording  your fitness achievements using numbers, plots and photos’ or ‘Add recipes and related pictures for each day’ and many more…

The interface of this app is very appealing and has fluid performance across all major iOS devices. And I must say the interface of Chart Calendar is one of the best available out their.

Overall, Chart Calendar app for iOS, has everything needed to be your next big essential app but more importantly it has killer integration of pictures, numbers, notes & images inside your calendar, And makes it a MUST HAVE for all iPhone or iPad users out there!

Cost: $0.99

Ratings: 5/5

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