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Bedloo iOS App Review: Take Social Votes For Your Decisions!

Very frequently we experience the dilemma in selection from any of the two options, no matter its a necklace for your wife or just a decision for your next trip’s location. To tackle this situation, there is a great app for iPhone and iPad to take votes from your friends or family, called – Bedloo!

Bedloo iOS App Review

This app works on a simple A/B split voting system, where your followers will see your questions or decisions termed as ‘Beldoo’, and the respective answers split in two screens. This iOS app will show you a ‘Vs’ button, between both of your options.


And to make the voting experience super-simple, all the user have to do is drag the Vs Button on any of the options and done! The voter will also see what other users are preferring in terms of percentage of votes received from everyone and number of voters.

You can search for fellow Beldoo users, or trending Beldoos using hashtags, and join the conversation with others. The app lets you sign-up using email Ids or popular social networking accounts like Twitter & Facebook. This make sharing your own Beldoos even simpler to other platform, to take your vote in a true social manner.


You can use any of the following type of content as Beldoo options – images, videos, audio or even online images. You can in fact click photos from the app itself to create your Beldoo. Apart from voting on Beldoos, users can also comment on the them, and creator will instantly receive notification for each voting or comment received.

This app can not just help you make social decisions, but will let you participate in many other activities like sports voting, discovering useful new content and experience whole new social networking experience in this simple app. You can chose interests, and receive related content to it on your content stream. Also many other stream customization is available already.


The clean-looking UI of the Beldoo app works flawlessly on all the iOS devices, and is easy to navigate through. Overall, this app makes your life a lot simpler & lets you discover great new people or things that interests you. Being a a Free app, I will highly recommend this app to try at least once on your favorite devices.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

Download Bedloo!


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