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Top Medical Phone Apps

These days, viruses and illnesses are not the only things developing and evolving. Technologies that aim to address these medical problems are also changing, and with these come new ways to avail of medical needs and services. If you don’t believe this, then you might try asking your doctor for a medical appointment via voice chat.Medical Phone Apps1

Mobile medical services

Due to the pursuit of practicality and mobility without diminishing quality, offices – medical clinics included – are availing of services from VoIP service providers like RingCentral, or even going so far as to having consultations with patients via Skype.

According to Salma Patel, there are many examples of medical consultations being conducted through VoIP services. There is also the development of telehealth technology, as in the case of American Well, a company that provides online health services through partnerships with major health plans, hospitals, pharmacy chains, and physicians. According to TMCnet, American Well connects patients and doctors in real-time via the Internet to conduct online consultations. The results are a more immediate and practical consultation with your physician without the hassle of going over to the hospital or clinic.

Of course, smartphones will not back down. They aren’t called smartphones for nothing. Smartphones can do almost everything you need them to do, and now they can act as your physician! In recent years there has been a development of medical apps for phones that do a variety of things for you. From the early x-ray apps to simple medical calculators, now medical apps have gone a long way from being a simple tool or source of pleasure for anyone.

Medical Phone Apps

Best mobile medical apps

So whether you’re a physician, a med student, or simply looking for medical apps, you surely won’t be empty-handed with all the medical apps created. Here are some of the best medical apps available out there.

EpocratesThe free version, Epocrates Rx, is available on iTouch and iPhone. It lets you identify pills, monitor drug interactions, access drug information, and do your medical math with a medical calculator! It also provides new updates about different types of medicines.

Remind Me Prescription – If you are forgetful of your meds or you simply need to have a list of all your past prescriptions, then this is the app for you. This app not only gives you reminders but also tracks your pills and prescriptions for you. Really handy, and it might even save your life!

BPTracker – Now this is really convenient. True to its name, this app keeps hold of your blood pressure and send the details to your doctor as well! Talk about efficiency!

EMCL – If you are travelling and you suddenly have an emergency, but you don’t know where to go, what are you gonna do? EMCL is the app for you! This app lets you locate the nearest specialized emergency medical center closest to your current location, and as the iTunes website says, “Only the most advanced and state of the art emergency care facilities with improved patient outcomes are included within the app”. Very, very useful especially for travelers.

Eponyms – Now this app is for the med students. Or it can be for the medical geeks who simply want or need to know about medical eponyms. Eponyms is an app that contains around 1700 medical eponyms with short descriptions. It’s useful in class or when you’re trying to impress your friends with your new-found knowledge.

Now, in spite of the abundance of all these medical apps, nothing beats good ol’ doctor-patient consultation, especially when you are in need of medical attention. Do not rely too much on these medical apps if your condition is serious. That being said, you can never be too ready with these medical apps at your disposal.


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