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Priveyo App Review: Custom Social Network For Your Privacy Needs!

As social networks are really great at being social, they are not always private or customizable for a needs of any organization or a closed group of friends and family. And If you are looking for something like that, then there is a great social network app called – Priveyo!


Priveyo iOS/Android App Review

There have been attempts at creating local or private social networks before on popular smartphone platforms like iOS and Android, but nothing really popped out due to their lack of customization. Priveyo on other hand, tried to target everyone who is looking for such platform,which is not just scalable but affordable as well.


You can use Priveyo for private friends group, soccer teams, organizations, colleges and you can even create sub-group under parent organization using it. All you need is a parent account, which can invite and customize the setting for your social group, control it and make quick changes without any IT or tech support help.

A thumb-wheeled navigation let you communicate one-to-one, one-to-some and one-to-all, within your network. So information remains private, and can not be made public unless parent account allows it. This will create a discreet social network experience, where organizations/groups  will become more confident, that their content is not searchable publicly.


As any other social network, you can share content like photos, calendar, events or push some of your content to all. But as a powerful social app, this also let you recruit new members, remove the unnecessary ones and even generate revenue with premium upgrade of this service.

The user interface is neat and visually appealing to look at. Also its very simple to use, as it works as any other regular social network. We tested this app on a Android Tablet (Nexus 7), iPod Touch & an iPad, and it runs equally smooth on all devices no matter how big or small your social network is. They have kept the high-end social management options and revenue option available only to paid customers, which might be disappointing for many out there, but Free model also works impressively.

Apart from its monthly pricing on Premium versions, I will recommend this app to all who want to create or want be a part of private social network!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 4/5

Download Priveyo on – Android | iOS


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