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FlaTank(Flat Tank) Android Game Review – Classic Delight On Smartphones!

Even though games are progressed to whole new levels on the high-end platforms like Android & iOS, but we do miss the classic games for a long time now. Today, I am going to review one such game that will definitely remind you of some really special retro title named – FlaTank  (Flat Tank)

The game comes with all the goodies we used to had on classic platforms, with touch enabled buttons which are also designed in same theme as old concrete look. This preserves the overall look of the game same as the old times and do not break the pattern by using new age touch enabled joy stick.


As the name suggest the game is basically a tank maze game that leaves you in the middle of the war in classic arcade style. You have to take out enemy tanks which are equally powerful as the users tank and few small enemies walking around the screen, that strikes you in the middle reducing your overall health.

You can break apart the enemy tanks using your powerful blasts and various fixed layouts of brick obstacles are in your way to navigate through the screen.The game is centered in a big box though I wish the enemy soldiers could have been little bit bigger, as user might get confused with what exactly are they?

Especially for the smaller screen, but I was using big 2.7 inch display and still find it hard to recognize small soldiers. Despite of this, there is almost no flaw in the game, as everything moves in really fluid way. The difficulty levels progresses really good & overall AI is impressive making the gameplay very high quality.


No doubt, the game brings back the glory with retro arcade style tank maze game and well, and the music overall adds more value to it. The game is in full 2D graphics and comes for free, which makes it highly recommended from my side. Though you can go ahead & purchase the premier version called FlaTank Prime to unlock additional multi-fire, more levels, features & of course to enjoy Ad-Free Game.

Cost: Free

Ratings – 4/5

Download FlaTank Game


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